A review of computer graphics publications

  title={A review of computer graphics publications},
  author={Ian D. Benest},
  journal={Comput. Graph.},
Gaining Access to the Literature of Computer Graphics
  • G. Schrack
  • Computer Science, Art
    IEEE Transactions on Education
  • 1983
An annotated bibliography and survey of the literature of computer graphics, providing specific entry points such as text books, bibliographies, and journals.
Graphics Software-from Techniques to Principles
  • Hatfield, Herzog
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
  • 1982
The history of graphics software mirrors that of computing in general: we work out basic techniques; we develop algorithms; we begin to search for standards.
History and Basic Components of CAD
The historical background of CAD is reviewed to provide a better understanding of the present state of the art and may even enhance the creativity of those planning to work in this field.
Wayfinding: an approach using signposting techniques
This paper focuses on computer-aided circuit design systems, which are developed to assist the user in doing highly innovative tasks and the level at which its manipulation affects the intellectual process necessary to solve his current problem.
Surface interaction : separating direct manipulation interfaces from their applications
The major contribution of the Thesis is a precise specification of an architecture, whereby a separated surface can preserve directness without binding in application semantics, and at the same time an application can express its semantics on the surface without needing to manage all the details of interaction.
Rejeu basé sur des règles de transformation de graphes. (Reevaluation based on graph transformation rules)
L’objectif de cette these est de proposer un systeme de nommage persistant general, homogene et permettant de gerer l’edition de specification parametriques (deplacer, ajouter et supprimer des operations).


B74-12 Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics
  • L. Biberman
  • Art, Physics
    IEEE Transactions on Computers
  • 1974
This is the first book to cover the topic of interactive computer graphics. I found the book to be both very useful and very disappointing.
Principles in interactive computer graphics
The principles of interactive computer graphics are applied to computer graphics practice and show the importance of user interaction in the development of computer graphics algorithms.
Comments on the Review of "Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics"
I was amazed to see in the February 1974 issue of the TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTERS such an inept review of Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics, by Robert Sproull and myself. There must be
Software Systems for Computer Graphics
This paper examines the structure both of subroutine libraries for use with some base language and of complete programming languages, and outlines the advantages and disadvantages of each, along with facilities that should be present in any software package.
Computer graphics terminals: a backward look
Five years ago, the price of admission into Interactive Computer Graphics was spending about $50,000 or more for the Graphics Terminal and associated hardware, plus writing almost all of the
A Tutorial on Satellite Graphics Systems
Two basic types of satellites are described and techniques for best exploiting their capabilities are outlined.
Computer Graphics, Interactive Techniques, and Image Processing 1970-1975: A Bibliography
  • U. Pooch
  • Computer Science, Art
  • 1976
This bibliography attempts to compile all articles, books, conference papers, and technical reports about computer graphics and man-machine interaction that have been published in English from 1970 to 1975.
Teaching art through computer graphics
This paper deals with the personal experience in teaching art through computer graphics, at Syracuse University, to art majors and students from other academic disciplines.
Graphics and computer-aided design in aerospace
In 1964, certain hardware developments in graphics equipment announced by IBM aroused the interest of management of the Lockheed-California Company and action was started to take advantage of this new technology.
Magic: a machine for automatic graphics interface to a computer
The Computer Technology Section of the National Bureau of Standards is currently engaged in an extensive program to develop advanced techniques for improving user communication with large ADP