A review of bopyrid isopods infesting crabs from China.

  title={A review of bopyrid isopods infesting crabs from China.},
  author={Jianmei An},
  journal={Integrative and comparative biology},
  volume={49 2},
  • Jianmei An
  • Published 1 August 2009
  • Biology
  • Integrative and comparative biology
Isopod parasites of the subfamilies Ioninae and Pseudioninae infest the branchial chambers of brachyuran crabs. In total, 19 species of parasitic isopods infest crabs from China; they belong to 6 genera from the Ioninae and 1 genus from the Pseudioninae. Specifically, the following genera are represented: Allokepon Markham, 1982 (three species), Apocepon Nierstrasz and Brender à Brandis, 1930 (three species), Cancricepon Giard and Bonnier, 1887 (one species), Dactylokepon Stebbing, 1910 (four… 

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Eine neue Art, Dactylokepon caribaeus, Schmarotzer auf Iliacantha subglobosa Stimpson und I. liodactyla Rathbun im Caribischen Meer wird als Synonym of Cancricepon choprae betrachtet.
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Overviews of Decapod Phylogeny On the Origin ofDecapoda, A. Toon, M. Finley, J. Staples, and K. Scholtz; Advances in the Knowledge of the Anomura Anomuran Phylageny: New Insights from Molecular Data, S. Ahyong and D. Felder.