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A review of Chorthippus species with angled pronotal lateral keels from Greece with special reference to transitional populations between some Peloponnesean taxa (Orthoptera, Acrididae)

  title={A review of Chorthippus species with angled pronotal lateral keels from Greece with special reference to transitional populations between some Peloponnesean taxa (Orthoptera, Acrididae)},
  author={F. R. J. Willemse and Otto von Helversen and Bengt Ode},
  journal={Zoologische Mededelingen},
This paper presents a summary of the current knowledge on the systematics of the Greek taxa of Chorthippus, morphologically characterised by angled lateral pronotal keels (usually grouped as Glyptobothrus). Prior to this paper, based on traditional morphology, ten taxa of Chorthippus with angled lateral pronotal keels were recognized from Greece. Based on morphology as well as (and more importantly so) bioacoustics thirteen Greek taxa are now recognised. With addition of a few additional… 
Songs and morphology in three species of the Chorthippusbiguttulus group (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Gomphocerinae) in Russia and adjacent countries
Songs and morphology are compared between Chorthippusmiramae (Vorontsovsky, 1928) and two other closely related species, C.brunneus and C.porphyropterus, and it is shown that C.Miramae generally demonstrates a richer song repertoire than the other two species.
Chorthippus brunneus subgroup (Orthoptera, Gomphocerinae) in Anatolia with description of two new species: data suggest an Anatolian origin for the lineage
The conclusion is that the two new species of the Chorthippus biguttulus group are range-restricted, vulnerable species as is the case for many other taxa present in the Mediterranean Taurus biodiversity hotspot.
Orthoptera and Mantodea fauna of Kazdağı (Ida) National Park with data on the calling songs of some bush-crickets.
The calling songs of Metrioptera arnoldi, Rhacocleis acutangula, Anadolua schwarzi, Isophya cania, and Poecilimon luschani are described here for the first time.
The Morphological and Behavioral Analysis of Geographically Separated Rammeihippus turcicus (Orthoptera: Acrididae: Gomphocerinae) Populations: Data Result in Taxonomical Conflict
The results of the study show that the aberrant morphology does not necessarily indicate a new species in the Gomphocerinae genus, and that each population of R. turcicus was a different taxonomical unit.
New records and a new synonym of Orthoptera from Bulgaria
After a revision of available Orthoptera collections in Bulgaria, 9 species with one subspecies are added and 15 species and one subspecies are omitted from the list of Bulgarian fauna. A supplement
Endemism in Italian Orthoptera
The present paper discusses about the distribution of orthopterans endemic to Italy, which shows that many endemic taxa are restricted to the Alps, the Apennines or the two principal islands of Italy (i.e., Sardinia and Sicily).
Who is jumping in a Serbian bog? – Orthopteran fauna of the Vlasina region
  • S. IvkovićJosip Skejo
  • Environmental Science
    Travaux du Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle “Grigore Antipa”
  • 2020
Vlasina Plateau is a highland bog situated in the mountains of southeastern Serbia, close to the border with Bulgaria. From a conservation point of view, bogs are one of the most important habitats
Faunistical data on the Croatian Orthoptera with four species newly recorded in the country
Summary We present 914 records of Croatian Orthoptera, representing 124 taxa from 178 localities. The list is compiled based on the Hungarian Natural History Museum collections, private collections,
DNA barcoding of crickets, katydids and grasshoppers (Orthoptera) from Central Europe with focus on Austria, Germany and Switzerland
We present a DNA barcoding study on the insect order Orthoptera that was generated in collaboration between four barcoding projects in three countries, viz. Barcoding Fauna Bavarica (Germany), German
A narrow hybrid zone between the grasshoppers Stenobothrus clavatus and Stenobothrus rubicundus: courtship song analysis
Analysis of courtship songs and underlying stridulatory movements of the hind legs in natural hybrids from Mount Tomaros shows that clavatus-like song elements were found to dominate in hybrid songs, which may influence the mating success of hybrid males in the contact zone.


An annotated checklist of the Orthoptera (Saltatoria) of Cyprus
For the first time a critical, annotated checklist of the Orthoptera of Cyprus is published and it is argued that Modicogryllus cyprius is a valid species, based on the morphology of the epiphallus and analysis of song.
Hybrids between Chorthippus brunneus and C. jacobsi (Orthoptera: Acrididae) do not show endogenous postzygotic isolation
The results suggest that endogenous postzygotic isolation does not play an important role in the reproductive isolation between C. brunneus and C.jacobsi, or in determining the structure of the hybrid zone, and may be present and should be tested in future studies.
A new genus Schmidtiacris gen. n. (type species Stauroderus schmidti Ikonnikov, 1913) is described. Glyptobothrus Chopard, 1951, stat. n. and Megaulacobothrus Caudell, 1921 are considered as distinct
Inheritance of song and stridulatory peg number divergence between Chorthippus brunneus and C. jacobsi, two naturally hybridizing grasshopper species (Orthoptera: Acrididae)
The results suggest that divergence in SL and PL might be driven by sexual selection whereas EL might not be under selection, consistent with experimental results on female song preference in related species and the fact that few factors appear to underlie the differences in peg number is surprising.
The Songs of the Grasshoppers and Crickets of Western Europe
The complexity in song revealed is an inevitable result of technical advance of their taxonomic procedures and the fact that the authors now have means of studying fine (Edialects'within taxa) is an immense step forwards.
The orthopteroid insects described by Linnaeus, with notes on the Linnaean collection
A list is given of the recently recurated Orthoptera s.l. held by the Linnean Society of London, and the orthopteroid species described by Linnaeus are listed alphabetically.
Verhaltensgenetische Untersuchungen am akustischen Kommunikationssystem der Feldheuschrecken (Orthoptera, Acrididae)
SummaryReceptive females of many grasshopper species react selectively to the species-specific song of males by responding with their own song phrases. If artificial acoustical stimuli are employed,
Taxonomic and cytological studies on grasshopper hybrids
Theorphology of the l~arenfi" sl~eeies and ~he hybrids and Genotypieally determined chromosome behaviotar in spermatogenesis VII and general discussion.
The stridulatory movements of acridid grasshoppers recorded with an opto-electronic device
Summary(i)The singing movements of acridid grasshoppers are recorded opto-electronically: a small retroflective “Scotchlite” sheeting (Ø2mm) is attached to the tip of the stridulating femur and
Species Recognition and Acoustic Localization in Acridid Grasshoppers: A Behavioral Approach
Many acridid species have evolved a means of auditory communication, the chief function of which is to bring sexual partners together, and thereby to ensure the genetic isolation of the species. Both