A review month 1990


I was pleased that we were able to attract so much new blood. The SIGAPL committee is trying to encourage the APL community to be a little more missionary in their activities, to not be so content to talk just with those who are already APLers and of like mind, but to try to gain interest from others. In this respect, we were perhaps more successful than I would have guessed_ I was also pleased that several SWAPL members from Houston, El Paso, and Phoenix were in attendance. It made me remember that we really are the Southwest APL Users Group. Considering that over 350 cards were sent out to actuaries, the single registered attendant from that group was disappointing. I am glad that he came, and I hope he took some valuable information back with him. But I can't help but wonder how we could have handled that list of people be tter. The educational sector was also a disappointment for me. Several high schools in the area sccmcd very interested and pleased that they were invited. I suspect that the weather may have had a stronger influence on this group than on the others. Still, this was the group that was of most interest to me personally, and the one that SWAPL can do the most for. If you made it to APLtex this year, thank you for coming. If you couldn't make it, there was a lot to see and hear that you may have gained from. Maybe there will be another APLtex next year. • A Review of Minnowbrook 1990

DOI: 10.1145/122382.122387

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