A research infrastructure for SOA-based Service Delivery Frameworks


Modern telecommunication networks and classical roles of operators are subject to fundamental change. On the one hand many network operators are currently seeking for new sources to generate revenue by exposing network capabilities to 3rd party service providers, on the other hand core network technologies have been re-defined under the label of NGN and the transition from existing legacy infrastructures towards NGN is ongoing. At the same time we can observe that service providers on the World Wide Web (WWW) are becoming more mature in terms of the definition of APIs and functionalities provided for mobile users offered over-the-top of existing telecommunications infrastructure. This report describes our approach to setup an infrastructure to explore and prototype technologies for a Service Delivery Framework based on Service Oriented Architecture principles that allows the autonomous composition of services. The work depicted in this paper serves as a starting point for the composition of services in inter-domain, federated testbed environments as currently designed by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme Pan-European Laboratory Infrastructure Implementation (PII) project.

DOI: 10.1109/TRIDENTCOM.2009.4976202

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