A report on the first remote handling operations at JET

  title={A report on the first remote handling operations at JET},
  author={A. Rolfe and P. Brown and P. Carter and R. Cusack and A. Gaberscik and L. Galbiati and B. Haist and R. Horn and M. Irving and D. Locke and A. Loving and P. Martin and S. Mills and R. Minchin and J. Palmer and S. Sanders and R. Stokes},
The first fully remote handling operations on a fusion Tokamak have been completed at JET. The JET MkIIa divertor has been successfully removed and replaced with the MkII gas box divertor configuration using only remote handling methods inside the JET torus. This shutdown required the handling of over 450 components over a 15 week period operating 20 h per day and 6 days per week. The JET remote handling equipment functioned and performed almost flawlessly with only two significant faults. The… Expand
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Remote handling on fusion experiments
JET D-T experiments and their implications for ITER
  • M. Keilhacker
  • Physics
  • 17th IEEE/NPSS Symposium Fusion Engineering (Cat. No.97CH36131)
  • 1997