A reply to Markus Ehrengruber and Urs Glutz von Blotzheim

  title={A reply to Markus Ehrengruber and Urs Glutz von Blotzheim},
  author={P. Chouteau and M. Pedrono},
  journal={Journal of Ornithology},
In their comment on our paper ‘‘Breeding biology of Coquerel’s Coua in western Madagascar’’ (Chouteau and Pedrono 2009), Markus Ehrengruber and Urs Glutz von Blotzheim point out the fact we did not pay attention to information reported by Dr. O. Appert in his publications on Coquerel’s Coua. We would clearly like to state here that we do not consider Appert’s work in Madagascar (1966, 1970, 1980) as being without interest. One of us (PC) completed a PhD on the ecology of three species of coua… Expand


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