A reliable ex vivo invasion assay of human reticulocytes by Plasmodium vivax.

  title={A reliable ex vivo invasion assay of human reticulocytes by Plasmodium vivax.},
  author={Bruce Russell and Rossarin Suwanarusk and C{\'e}line Borlon and F{\'a}bio M. Costa and Cindy S Chu and Marcus J Rijken and Kanlaya Sriprawat and Lucile Warter and Esther G. L. Koh and Benoit Malleret and Yves Colin and Olivier P. Bertrand and John H Adams and Umberto D'Alessandro and Georges Snounou and François H Nosten and Laurent R{\'e}nia},
  volume={118 13},
Currently, there are no reliable RBC invasion assays to guide the discovery of vaccines against Plasmodium vivax, the most prevalent malaria parasite in Asia and South America. Here we describe a protocol for an ex vivo P vivax invasion assay that can be easily deployed in laboratories located in endemic countries. The assay is based on mixing enriched cord blood reticulocytes with matured, trypsin-treated P vivax schizonts concentrated from clinical isolates. The reliability of this assay was… CONTINUE READING

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