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A relaxed version of \v{S}olt\'{e}s's problem and cactus graphs

  title={A relaxed version of \v\{S\}olt\'\{e\}s's problem and cactus graphs},
  author={Jan Bok and Nikola Jedlivckov'a and Jana Maxov'a},
The Wiener index is a graph parameter originating from chemical graph theory. It is defined as the sum of the lengths of the shortest paths between all unordered pairs of vertices in a given graph. In 1991, Šoltés [12] posed the following problem regarding the Wiener index. Find all graphs such that its Wiener index is preserved upon removal of any vertex. The problem is far from being solved and to this day, only one graph with such property is known — the cycle graph on 11 vertices. In this… 

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