A regulatory polymorphism for rat hepatic cytochrome P-450g.


Rat hepatic cytochrome P-450g is a male-specific hemoprotein found at significant levels only in adult animals. In the present study, two-dimensional gel electrophoretic and immunochemical methods were used to study a polymorphism of this isozyme and its ontogenetic regulation. Inbred ACI/Hsd and WF/Hsd rats were found to express high and low levels of cytochrome P-450g, respectively. F1 hybrids of these strains showed additive inheritance for this trait and the responsible gene was found to be autosomal. Cytochrome P-450g and another male-specific form of the enzyme, cytochrome P-450h, were characterized by a similar time-course for their ontogenetic expressions. However, unlike cytochrome P-450g, the level of cytochrome P-450h was indistinguishable in hepatic microsomes from mature ACI/Hsd and WF/Hsd rats. Considering these results, we tentatively conclude that the gene regulating the level of cytochrome P-450g is Cis-acting.


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