A red-shifted Renilla luciferase for transient reporter-gene expression

  title={A red-shifted Renilla luciferase for transient reporter-gene expression},
  author={Andreas M Loening and Anca Dragulescu-Andrasi and Sanjiv Sam Gambhir},
  journal={Nature Methods},
To the Editor: The principal limitation when using Renilla reniformis luciferase (RLuc) as a reporter for bioluminescence imaging in small-animal models has been that, because of its blue-peaked (481-nm) emission spectrum and the preferential absorption of short-wavelength photons by biological tissues, RLuc has diminished sensitivity at non-superficial locations1. To overcome this, we previously developed the red-shifted variant RLuc8.6-535 (ref. 2), which, in addition to having enhanced… CONTINUE READING

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