A reassessment of cardiac toxicity associated with Taxol.

  title={A reassessment of cardiac toxicity associated with Taxol.},
  author={Susan G. Arbuck and H D Strauss and Eric K. Rowinsky and Michaele Christian and Matthew Suffness and Judy Adams and Michael Oakes and William McGuire and Eddie B. Reed and Harry Gibbs},
  journal={Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Monographs},
Cardiac toxicity was first noted in patients receiving Taxol during continuous cardiac monitoring, which was performed because of the high incidence of serious hypersensitivity reactions noted early in phase I trials. After cardiac events were documented, patients with cardiac disease and those on medications known to alter cardiac conduction were excluded from most trials. The cardiac events reported with Taxol from the initiation of NCI-sponsored clinical trials through August 1992 are… CONTINUE READING
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