A real-time H.264 MP decoder based on a DM642 DSP

  title={A real-time H.264 MP decoder based on a DM642 DSP},
  author={Fernando Pescador and Mat{\'i}as J. Garrido and C{\'e}sar Sanz and Eduardo Ju{\'a}rez Mart{\'i}nez and Manuel C{\'e}sar Rodr{\'i}guez Lacruz and David Samper Mart{\'i}nez},
  journal={2007 14th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems},
In this paper, the implementation of a Main Profile H.264 decoder based on a DM642 digital signal processor is described. An initial standard compliant raw-C decoder has been optimized in speed for the target processor. The parallelism between algorithm execution and data movement has been fully exploited using DMA. Also, critical parts of the algorithm have been encoded directly in assembly code to increase the number of instructions per cycle. The decoder has been tested in simulation with… CONTINUE READING