A re-evaluation of the role of vision in the activity and communication of nocturnal primates.

  title={A re-evaluation of the role of vision in the activity and communication of nocturnal primates.},
  author={Simon K. Bearder and K Anne I Nekaris and Deborah J. Curtis},
  journal={Folia primatologica; international journal of primatology},
  volume={77 1-2},
This paper examines the importance of vision in the lives of nocturnal primates in comparison to diurnal and cathemeral species. Vision is the major sense in all primates and there is evidence that the eyesight of nocturnal species is more acute and variable than has previously been recognized. Case studies of the behaviour of a galago and a loris in open woodland habitats in relation to ambient light show that Galago moholi males are more likely to travel between clumps of vegetation along the… CONTINUE READING
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