A re-assessment of Elsinoaceae (Myriangiales, Dothideomycetes)

  title={A re-assessment of Elsinoaceae (Myriangiales, Dothideomycetes)},
  author={R. Jayawardena and H. Ariyawansa and Chonticha Singtripop and Y. Li and Jiye Yan and Xinghong Li and S. Nilthong and K. Hyde},
  • R. Jayawardena, H. Ariyawansa, +5 authors K. Hyde
  • Published 2014
  • Biology
  • Phytotaxa
  • The family Elsinoaceae is a relatively poorly known, but important family within Myriangiales, Dothideomycetes. The genera of this family are mostly plant pathogens and causes disease, such as apple and grape scab. In this paper we revisit the family by examining generic types and analysis of molecular sequence data available in GenBank. Elsinoaceae and Myriangeaceae are morphologically and phylogenetically well-supported families in Myriangiales. In Elsinoaceae, 3 to 10 asci form in locules in… CONTINUE READING
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