A rare case presentation of oral actinomycosis.


Actinomycosis is an infectious disease caused by a gram-positive anaerobic or microaerophilic Actinomyces species that causes both chronic suppurative and granulomatous inflammation. The following study reports a 48-year-old Iranian woman presenting with a spontaneous discharging sinus on the hard palate for 8months. The patient has no past medical history of note. Laboratory findings were unremarkable. The diagnosis was based on history and clinical evidence of the lesion confirmed by histopathological examination. The patient was treated with a regimen of oral ampicillin 500mg four times a day. She had a marked response to the treatment after 4weeks, and it was planned to continue the treatment for at least 6months with regular follow-up. To the best of the researchers' knowledge, this is the first report of actinomycotic sinus tract of the hard palate in Iran.

DOI: 10.1016/j.ijmyco.2013.06.002

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@article{Yadegarynia2013ARC, title={A rare case presentation of oral actinomycosis.}, author={Davood Yadegarynia and Muayad A Merza and Shahnaz Sali and Ali G Firuzkuhi}, journal={International journal of mycobacteriology}, year={2013}, volume={2 3}, pages={187-9} }