A rare case of pancreatic lipoma.

  title={A rare case of pancreatic lipoma.},
  author={Monica Merli and Gian Silvio Fossati and Mario Alessiani and Marco Spada and Daniele Gambini and Andrea Viezzoli and Enrico Maria Di Maggio and Alberto Vailati and Stephen G. Breyer and R Paltro and Aris Zonta},
  volume={43 9},
During CT scanning, a pancreatic lipoma was diagnosed in a 70 year-old woman presenting with abdominal pain, elevated amylase and abnormal liver function tests. The patient underwent surgical excision of the lipoma located in the head of the pancreas. The postoperative course was uneventful. This is the third case of pancreatic lipoma described in the literature. It is a very rare neoplasm that should be included in the category of "non-ductal" tumors of the pancreas. The role of different… CONTINUE READING
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