A rapid procedure for the isolation of C0t-1 DNA from plants.

  title={A rapid procedure for the isolation of C0t-1 DNA from plants.},
  author={Michael S. Zwick and Robert E. Hanson and M. Nurul Islam-Faridi and David M Stelly and Rod A. Wing and Harold J. Price and Thomas D. McKnight},
  volume={40 1},
In situ hybridization (ISH) for the detection of single- or low-copy sequences, particularly large DNA fragments cloned into YAC or BAC vectors, generally requires the suppression or "blocking" of highly-repetitive DNAs. C0t-1 DNA is enriched for repetitive DNA elements, high or moderate in copy number, and can therefore be used more effectively than total genomic DNA to prehybridize and competitively hybridize repetitive elements that would otherwise cause nonspecific hybridization. C0t-1 DNAs… CONTINUE READING

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