A rapid multiplex assay for nucleic acid-based diagnostics.

  title={A rapid multiplex assay for nucleic acid-based diagnostics.},
  author={Alina Deshpande and Jason Gans and Steven W Graves and Lance Green and Laura Taylor and Heung Bok Kim and Yuliya A Kunde and Pascale M. L{\'e}onard and Po-E Li and Jacob Mark and Jian Song and Momchilo Vuyisich and P. Scott White},
  journal={Journal of microbiological methods},
  volume={80 2},
We have developed a rapid (under 4 hours), multiplex, nucleic acid assay, adapted to a microsphere array detection platform. We call this assay multiplex oligonucleotide ligation-PCR (MOL-PCR). Unlike other ligation-based assays that require multiple steps, our protocol consists of a single tube reaction, followed by hybridization to a Luminex microsphere array for detection. We demonstrate the ability of this assay to simultaneously detect diverse nucleic acid signatures (e.g., unique… CONTINUE READING