A rapid, simple method for detecting PCR failure.

  title={A rapid, simple method for detecting PCR failure.},
  author={Mark J. Pallen and Loretto H. Puckey and Brendan W. Wren},
  journal={PCR methods and applications},
  volume={2 1},
Department of Medical Microbiology, St. Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College, London, EC1A 7BE, UK The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) holds great potential for the rapid and sensitive detection of pathogenic microorganisms. (1~ There has been much interest in detecting and preventing falsepositive PCR results owing to product carry-over(2); however, less attention has been paid to false-negative reactions. These can result from defective PCR reagents, mistakes in setting up the PCR, or from… CONTINUE READING

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