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A randomized double-blind study of the effect of distant healing in a population with advanced AIDS. Report of a small scale study.

  title={A randomized double-blind study of the effect of distant healing in a population with advanced AIDS. Report of a small scale study.},
  author={Fred Sicher and Elisabeth F. Targ and Deshon Moore and H S Smith},
  journal={The Western journal of medicine},
  volume={169 6},
Various forms of distant healing (DH), including prayer and "psychic healing," are widely practiced, but insufficient formal research has been done to indicate whether such efforts actually affect health. We report on a double-blind randomized trial of DH in 40 patients with advanced AIDS. Subjects were pair-matched for age, CD4+ count, and number of AIDS-defining illnesses and randomly selected to either 10 weeks of DH treatment or a control group. DH treatment was performed by self-identified… Expand

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