A randomized algorithm for two servers in cross polytope spaces

  title={A randomized algorithm for two servers in cross polytope spaces},
  author={Wolfgang W. Bein and Kazuo Iwama and Jun Kawahara and Lawrence L. Larmore and James A. Oravec},
  journal={Theor. Comput. Sci.},
It has been a long-standing open problem to determine the exact randomized competitiveness of the 2-server problem, that is, the minimum competitiveness of any randomized online algorithm for the 2-server problem. For deterministic algorithms the best competitive ratio that can be obtained is 2 and no randomized algorithm is known that improves this ratio for general spaces. For the line, Bartal et al. (1998) [2] give a 15578 competitive algorithm, but their algorithm is specific to the… CONTINUE READING
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