A radiochemical renin assay.

  title={A radiochemical renin assay.},
  author={Frederick A O Mendelsohn and C. I. Johnston},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={121 2},
1. A synthetic 3-([(14)C]valine)-labelled tetradecapeptide renin substrate was used to measure renin concentration. Renin liberated (14)C-labelled angiotensin I, which was separated from the labelled substrate by paper chromatography. The conversion of substrate into angiotensin I was quantitated by liquid-scintillation counting of radioactivity. 2. The rate of conversion of the substrate into angiotensin I was shown to be linearly related to renin concentration and time under suitable… CONTINUE READING

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N. P. Shumway
exp. Med. 106, 439. • 1957

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