A question for iterated Galois groups in arithmetic dynamics

  title={A question for iterated Galois groups in arithmetic dynamics},
  author={Andrew Bridy and John R. Doyle and Dragos Ghioca and Liang-Chung Hsia and Thomas J. Tucker},
  journal={Canadian Mathematical Bulletin},
  pages={401 - 417}
Abstract We formulate a general question regarding the size of the iterated Galois groups associated with an algebraic dynamical system and then we discuss some special cases of our question. Our main result answers this question for certain split polynomial maps whose coordinates are unicritical polynomials. 

A note on the factorization of iterated quadratics over finite fields

BSTRACT . f be a monic quadratic polynomial over a finite field of odd characteristic. In 2012, Boston and Jones constructed a Markov process based on the post-critical orbit of f , and conjectured

Galois groups and prime divisors in random quadratic sequences

Given a set S = {x + c1, . . . , x + cs} with ci ∈ Z and an infinite sequence γ of elements of S, one can associate an arboreal representation to γ, analogous to the case of iterating a single

Heights and arithmetic dynamics over finitely generated fields.

We develop a theory of vector-valued heights and intersections defined relative to finitely generated extensions K/k. These generalize both number field and geometric heights. When k is Q or F_p, or



The Arithmetic of Dynamical Systems

* Provides an entry for graduate students into an active field of research * Each chapter includes exercises, examples, and figures * Will become a standard reference for researchers in the field

e arithmetic of dynamical systems

  • Graduate Texts in Mathematics, 241, Springer, New York
  • 2007

Realising wreath products of cyclic groups as Galois groups

Let K be any field of characteristic 0 and let T and X be algebraically independent over K . For n ≥ 1 let k ( n ) ≥ 2 be an integer and let fn ( X , T ) = x k(n) + T e K [ X , T ]. We shall regard T

Heights in Diophantine Geometry

I. Heights II. Weil heights III. Linear tori IV. Small points V. The unit equation VI. Roth's theorem VII. The subspace theorem VIII. Abelian varieties IX. Neron-Tate heights X. The Mordell-Weil

Canonical heights on varieties with morphisms

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Finite index theorems for iterated Galois groups of unicritical polynomials

Let $K$ be the function field of a smooth, irreducible curve defined over $\overline{\mathbb{Q}}$. Let $f\in K[x]$ be of the form $f(x)=x^q+c$ where $q = p^{r}, r \ge 1,$ is a power of the prime

Iterates of Generic Polynomials and Generic Rational Functions

In 1985, Odoni showed that in characteristic $0$ the Galois group of the $n$-th iterate of the generic polynomial with degree $d$ is as large as possible. That is, he showed that this Galois group is

A large arboreal Galois representation for a cubic postcritically finite polynomial

We give a complete description of the arboreal Galois representation of a certain postcritically finite cubic polynomial over a large class of number fields and for a large class of basepoints. This