A quantum recipe for life

  title={A quantum recipe for life},
  author={P. C. W. Davies},
  • P. Davies
  • Published 2005
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Nature
Sixty years on, Erwin Schrödinger's prediction that quantum mechanics would solve the riddle of how life started has not been fulfilled. But the appeal of using quantum theory to solve the mystery persists. 
The simulation of virus life cycle with quantum gates
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A quantum mechanical approach towards the calculation of transition probabilities between DNA codons
A new quantum mechanical approach for analyzing a typical point-mutation in DNA strands by using the perturbation theory to calculate the transition probabilities between the codons which encoding the same amino acid and determine the transition rates of some point mutations. Expand
Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Mechanics-Based Biological Modeling and Biological Channel Capacity Calculation
The quantum biological channel models suitable for the study of quantum information transfer from DNA to proteins have been described based on codon transition probabilities and various sources of genetic errors and genetic noise have also been described using quantum-mechanical formalism. Expand
Quantum Biological Channel Modeling and Capacity Calculation
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  • Entropy
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Origin of Life
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Anticipation and the artificial: aesthetics, ethics, and synthetic life
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  • Sociology, Computer Science
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