A q-Matrix Encoding Extending the Parikh Matrix Mapping

  title={A q-Matrix Encoding Extending the Parikh Matrix Mapping},
  author={Mer Egecioglu},
  • Mer Egecioglu
  • Published 2004
We introduce a generalization of the Parikh mapping called the Parikh q-matrix encoding, which takes its values in matrices with polynomial entries. The encoding represents a word w over a k-letter alphabet as a (k + 1)-dimensional upper-triangular matrix with entries that are nonnegative integral polynomials in variable q. Putting q = 1, we obtain the morphism introduced by Mateescu, Salomaa, Salomaa, and Yu [6] which extends the Parikh mapping to (k + 1)-dimensional (numerical) matrices. The… CONTINUE READING


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