A psychoevolutionary theory of emotions

  title={A psychoevolutionary theory of emotions},
  author={Robert Plutchik},
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  • R. Plutchik
  • Published 1 July 1982
  • Psychology
  • Social Science Information
Joyful Adventures and Frightening Places–Designing Emotion-Inducing Virtual Environments
Virtual environments (VEs) can evoke and support emotions, as experienced when playing emotionally arousing games. We theoretically approach the design of fear and joy evoking VEs based on a
EmoDex - An Emotion Detection Tool Composed of Established Techniques
The conclusion is made that a combination of features from multiple sources such as GloVe and VADER offer a good basis for a RandomForest classifier while only training on a very small set of texts (less than 70k sentences).
Addressing Global Challenges and Quality Education: 15th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2020, Heidelberg, Germany, September 14–18, 2020, Proceedings
A novel prototype is built that generates comprehension questions given arbitrary textbook passages and provides evidence that artificial jabbering text generation systems have great potential as question generators and identify the most promising starting points may leading to (semi) automated generators that support textbook authors and self-studying.
Emotion Recognition in Conversation: Research Challenges, Datasets, and Recent Advances
These challenges in ERC are discussed, the drawbacks of these approaches are described, and the reasons why they fail to successfully overcome the research challenges are discussed.
Author Tuisku Pirttimäki Title of thesis The Influence of Priming on Perceived Authenticity, Credibility and Emotions in Sponsored Content Discipline Corporate Communication Type of work Master’s
Emotional and Behavioral Implications of Viewers' Shifting Comparisons to Transforming Media Targets
Author(s): Keblusek, Lauren Marie | Advisor(s): Nabi, Robin L. | Abstract: Past research on social comparison and media has not explored how comparisons shift over the course of a program, or more
A Study on Effects of the Driver's Emotion on the Driving Behavior
교통사고의 원인은 크게 차량요인, 도로환경요인, 인적요인으로 구성되는데 과거에 비해 비약적으로 발전한 기술로 인하여 현재는 교통참가자들의 교통행동이 가장 중요한 원인으로 주목받고 있다. 최근 활발하게 연구가 이루어지고 있는 정서는 인간의 판단과 행동결정에서 그 역할이 중요시 되고 있다. 이에 운전자가 운전행동을 판단하고 결정할 때에도 정서가 영향을 줄
Emotion norms for 6000 Polish word meanings with a direct mapping to the Polish wordnet.
The Emotion Meanings dataset is presented, a novel dataset of 6000 Polish word meanings derived from the Polish wordnet (plWordNet), a large semantic network interlinking words by means of lexical and conceptual relations.
An Emotion Care Model using Multimodal Textual Analysis on COVID-19
Unified Psycholinguistic Framework: An Unobtrusive Psychological Analysis Approach towards Insider Threat Prevention and Detection
A unified psycholinguistic framework is proposed that consolidates multiple text analyzers to carry out sentiment analysis, emotion analysis, and topic modeling on electronic communications for unobtrusive psychological assessment and demonstrates how the trade-off issue can be attenuated with different text analyzer working collaboratively to provide more comprehensive summaries of users’ psychological states.