A proteome-wide protein interaction map for Campylobacter jejuni


Data from large-scale protein interaction screens for humans and model eukaryotes have been invaluable for developing systems-level models of biological processes. Despite this value, only a limited amount of interaction data is available for prokaryotes. Here we report the systematic identification of protein interactions for the bacterium Campylobacter… (More)
DOI: 10.1186/gb-2007-8-7-r130


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@article{Parrish2007APP, title={A proteome-wide protein interaction map for Campylobacter jejuni}, author={Jodi R. Parrish and Jingkai Yu and Guozhen Liu and Julie A. Hines and Jason E. Chan and Bernardo A Mangiola and Huamei Zhang and Svetlana Pacifico and Farshad Fotouhi and Victor J DiRita and Trey Ideker and Phillip C. Andrews and Russell L. Finley}, journal={Genome Biology}, year={2007}, volume={8}, pages={R130 - R130} }