A protein phosphatase 2A complex spatially controls plant cell division.

  title={A protein phosphatase 2A complex spatially controls plant cell division.},
  author={Lara Spinner and Astrid Gadeyne and Katia Belcram and Magali Goussot and Micha{\"e}l Moison and Yann Duroc and Dominique Eeckhout and Nancy De Winne and Estelle Schaefer and Eveline Van De Slijke and Geert Persiau and Erwin Witters and Kris Gevaert and Geert De Jaeger and David Bouchez and Dani{\"e}l Van Damme and Martine Pastuglia},
  journal={Nature communications},
In the absence of cell migration, the orientation of cell divisions is crucial for body plan determination in plants. The position of the division plane in plant cells is set up premitotically via a transient cytoskeletal array, the preprophase band, which precisely delineates the cortical plane of division. Here we describe a protein complex that targets protein phosphatase 2A activity to microtubules, regulating the transition from the interphase to the premitotic microtubule array. This… CONTINUE READING


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Arabidopsis alpha Aurora kinases function in formative cell division plane orientation

  • D Van Damme
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