A protective role of mast cells in intestinal tumorigenesis.

  title={A protective role of mast cells in intestinal tumorigenesis.},
  author={Mark J. Sinnamon and Kathy Carter and Lauren Porter Sims and Bonnie Lafleur and Barbara Fingleton and Lynn M Matrisian},
  volume={29 4},
Mast cells have been observed in numerous types of tumors; however, their role in carcinogenesis remains poorly understood. The majority of epidemiological evidence suggests a negative association between the presence of mast cells and tumor progression in breast, lung and colonic neoplasms. Intestinal adenomas in the multiple intestinal neoplasia (Min, APC(Min/+)) mouse displayed increased numbers of mast cells and increased abundance of mast cell-associated proteinases as determined by… CONTINUE READING


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