A prospective study on mortality among Japanese coal miners.

  title={A prospective study on mortality among Japanese coal miners.},
  author={Hiroshi Une and Hiroshi Esaki and Katsuhiro Osajima and H Ikui and Kazunori Kodama and Kazuyoshi Hatada},
  journal={Industrial health},
  volume={33 2},
We conducted a prospective study to clarify mortality patterns among Japanese coal miners in a former coal mining area. Subjects included 1,796 coal miners and 4,022 non-coal-miners, who were identified by a mail survey between 1987 and 1989, and then followed up from the date of the survey to April 30th, 1994. We applied Cox's proportional hazards model to compare the mortalities between coal miners and non-coal-miners. Among the coal miners, significantly high risk ratios were observed in all… CONTINUE READING
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