A proposed protocol for acceptance and constancy control of computed tomography systems: A Nordic Association for Clinical Physics (NACP) work group report

  title={A proposed protocol for acceptance and constancy control of computed tomography systems: A Nordic Association for Clinical Physics (NACP) work group report},
  author={Samuel Kuttner and R. Bujila and M. Kortesniemi and H. Andersson and L. Kull and B. H. {\O}ster{\aa}s and J. Thygesen and Ivanka Sojat Tarp},
  journal={Acta Radiologica},
  pages={188 - 198}
Background Quality assurance (QA) of computed tomography (CT) systems is one of the routine tasks for medical physicists in the Nordic countries. However, standardized QA protocols do not yet exist and the QA methods, as well as the applied tolerance levels, vary in scope and extent at different hospitals. Purpose To propose a standardized protocol for acceptance and constancy testing of CT scanners in the Nordic Region. Material and Methods Following a Nordic Association for Clinical Physics… Expand
Applying three different methods of measuring CTDI free air to the extended CTDI formalism for wide‐beam scanners (IEC 60601–2–44): A comparative study
Three methods of measuring CTDIfreeair and subsequent calculations of CTDIw are compared to investigate their clinical appropriateness and the PIC was found to be the most clinically feasible method and was validated against the LIC. Expand
A routine quality assurance test for CT automatic exposure control systems
A quality assurance test for CT automatic exposure control (AEC) systems based on a set of nested polymethylmethacrylate CTDI phantoms that was shown to be sensitive to changes in AEC setup, including the use of 3D, longitudinal or rotational tube current modulation. Expand
Intensity-based dual model method for generation of synthetic CT images from standard T2-weighted MR images - Generalized technique for four different MR scanners.
  • L. Koivula, M. Kapanen, +8 authors J. Korhonen
  • Medicine
  • Radiotherapy and oncology : journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology
  • 2017
A generalized dual model HU conversion method to convert standard T2w MR image intensity values to synthetic HU values, separately inside and outside of atlas-segmented bone volume contour, provides a generalized method for sCT creation from standard T 2w images of the pelvis. Expand
CT image quality over time: comparison of image quality for six different CT scanners over a six‐year period
The results from this study indicate that there is minor drifting in the image noise and uniformity and in the spatial resolution over time for CT scanners, independent of vendors. Expand
Quality control of CT systems by automated monitoring of key performance indicators: a two‐year study
A method of performing routine periodical quality controls of CT systems by automatically analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) obtainable from images of manufacturers' quality assurance (QA) phantoms, used for two years in clinical routine. Expand
Master Erasmus Mundus in Color in Informatics and Media Technology (CIMET) Evaluation of Image Quality of State-of-art CT Vendors in the Norwegian Market
This study focus in the low-contrast detectability properties of two scanners examples in the state-of-the-art from Oslo Hospital Interventional center, as examples of different technologies, beingExpand
100 days with scans of the same Catphan phantom on the same CT scanner
Test results in this study were stable over time for both scan techniques, but further studies on different CT scanners are required to confirm that this also holds true for other systems. Expand
A dual model HU conversion from MRI intensity values within and outside of bone segment for MRI-based radiotherapy treatment planning of prostate cancer.
It is indicated that it is possible to construct high quality pseudo-CT images by converting the intensity values of a single MRI series into HUs in the male pelvis, and to use these images for accurate MRI-based prostate RTP dose calculations. Expand
Magnetic resonance imaging -based radiation therapy - Methods enabling the radiation therapy treatment planning workflow for prostate cancer patients by relying solely on MRI-based images throughout the process
Aalto University, P.O. Box 11000, FI-00076 Aalto www.aalto.fi Author Juha≤Korhonen≤ Name of the doctoral dissertation Magnetic≤resonance≤imaging≤-based≤radiation≤therapy≤ PublisherExpand
Utredning om funktions- och leveranskontroller av radiologisk utrustning : För röntgendiagnostik och interventioner
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Quality assurance for computed-tomography simulators and the computed-tomography-simulation process: report of the AAPM Radiation Therapy Committee Task Group No. 66.
This document presents recommendations of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) for quality assurance of computed-tomography- (CT) simulators and CT-simulation process. ThisExpand
Analytical equations for CT dose profiles derived using a scatter kernel of Monte Carlo parentage with broad applicability to CT dosimetry problems.
This model provides a good match to the experimental data, as well as a complete analytical description of dose for both conventional (axial and helical) CT and cone beam CT and a fast, analytical dose simulator6 is demonstrated-successfully matching complex dose distributions measured using OSL and film dosimetry. Expand
Computed tomography : fundamentals, system technology, image quality, applications
System concepts System components Image reconstruction Spiral CT Multi-slice spiral CT Cone-beam CT Dynamic CT Quantitative CT Dual source CT Dual energy CT Flat detector CT Micro CT Image qualityExpand
国际医学物理组织(International Organization for Medical Physics,IOMP)第1号政策声明(2010年6月17日)医学物理师:作用和职责
前言 本政策声明为IOMP成员组织在确立医学物理师的作用和职责时提供总体指导方针。它可以作为医学物理专业组织和卫生主管部门在筹划和发展临床医学物理服务,以及学术机构在教育和培训医学物理师时的参考。本文件应当与IOMP第2号政策声明(教育和培训医学物理师的基本要求)一起结合阅读。
Quality assurance for computedtomography simulators and the computed-tomography-simulation process: Report of the AAPM Radiation Therapy
  • Committee Task Group No. 66. Med Phys 2003;30:2762–92
  • 2003