A proposed nomenclature of the domestic cat karyotype.

  title={A proposed nomenclature of the domestic cat karyotype.},
  author={Ki Woon Cho and H. Y. Youn and Toshihiro Watari and Hajime Tsujimoto and Atsuhiko Hasegawa and Hiroko Satoh},
  journal={Cytogenetics and cell genetics},
  volume={79 1-2},
High-resolution G- and Q-band patterns of cat (Felis catus) prometaphase chromosomes with more than 450 numbered bands are presented. This number represents approximately twice the number of bands per haploid set exhibited by feline chromosomes at mid-metaphase. A diagrammatic representation of G-banded cat chromosomes has already been described (O'Brien and Nash, 1982); however, precise numbering of bands and landmarks, as in the human karyotype and in the karyotypes of other domestic and… CONTINUE READING

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