A proposed method for assessing plasma hypertonicity in vivo

  title={A proposed method for assessing plasma hypertonicity in vivo},
  author={Jodi Dunmeyer Stookey and Maurice Burg and Deborah E. Sellmeyer and John E. Greenleaf and Allen Israel Arieff and Lambertus W. A. van Hove and Clare E. Gardner and Janet C King},
  journal={European Journal of Clinical Nutrition},
Indices of plasma hypertonicity, elevated plasma concentrations of solutes that draw fluid out of cells by osmosis, are needed to pursue hypertonicity as a possible risk factor for obesity and chronic disease. This paper proposes a new index that may be more sensitive to mild hypertonicity in vivo at a point in time than traditional measures. The index compares mean corpuscular volume (MCV) estimates from diluted (in solution by automated cell counter) and nondiluted blood (calculated from… CONTINUE READING