A properly discontinuous free group of affine transformations

  title={A properly discontinuous free group of affine transformations},
  author={Grzegorz Tomkowicz},
  journal={Geometriae Dedicata},
  • G. Tomkowicz
  • Published 10 January 2018
  • Mathematics
  • Geometriae Dedicata
We apply a construction of G. A. Margulis to show that there exists a free non-abelian properly discontinuous group of affine transformations of $$\mathbb {R}^3$$R3 with both linear and translational parts having integer entries and acting on $$\mathbb {R}^3$$R3 without fixed points. 

Paradoxical sets and sets with two removable points

A set $$E \subset \mathbb {R}^n$$E⊂Rn is called uniformly discrete if there exists an $$\varepsilon >0 $$ε>0 such that no two points of E are closer than $$\varepsilon $$ε. Applying a theorem of T.

Paradoxical sets and sets with two removable points

A set E⊂Rn\documentclass[12pt]{minimal} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{wasysym} \usepackage{amsfonts} \usepackage{amssymb} \usepackage{amsbsy} \usepackage{mathrsfs} \usepackage{upgreek}



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