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A proof of the Erdős Sands Sauer

  title={A proof of the Erdős Sands Sauer},
  author={N. Bousquet and W. Lochet and S. Thomass{\'e}},
A very nice result of Bárány and Lehel asserts that every finite subset X or R can be covered by f(d) X-boxes (i.e. each box has two antipodal points in X). As shown by Gyárfás and Pálvőlgyi this result would follow from the following conjecture : If a tournament admits a partition of its arc set into k quasi orders, then its domination number is bounded in terms of k. This question is in turn implied by the Erdős-Sands-Sauer-Woodrow conjecture : If the arcs of a tournament T are colored with k… CONTINUE READING


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