A proof of a conjecture of Loewner and of the conjecture of caratheodory on umbilic points

  title={A proof of a conjecture of Loewner and of the conjecture of caratheodory on umbilic points},
  author={Charles J. Titus},
  journal={Acta Mathematica},
  • C. Titus
  • Published 1 December 1973
  • Mathematics
  • Acta Mathematica
Real solvability of the equation ∂ 2/z ω = ρg and the topology of isolated umbilics
The geometric form of a conjecture associated with the names of Loewner and Carathéodory states that near an isolated umbilic in a smooth surface in ℝ3, the principal line fields must have index ≤ 1.
On conformal points of area preserving maps and related topics
In this article we consider area preserving diffeomorphisms of planar domains, and we are interested in their conformal points, i.e., points at which the derivative is a similarity. We present some
Loewner’s “Forgotten” Theorem
An oriented smooth closed curve partitions the plane into a number of regions. To every point not on the curve the rotation number is assigned, that is, the number of complete turns that the curve
Some open problems in low dimensional dynamical systems
The aim of this paper is to share with the mathematical community a list of 33 problems that I have found along the years during my research. I believe that it is worth to think about them and,
Curvature lines of an eq\"uiaffine vector field transversal to a surface in $3$-space
In this paper we discuss the behavior of the curvature lines of an equiaffine vector field transversal to a surface in $3$-space at isolated umbilical points.
On a Carathéodory’s Conjecture on Umbilics: Representing Ovaloids.
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Quadratic points of surfaces in projective 3-space
Quadratic points of a surface in the projective 3-space are the points which can be exceptionally well approximated by a quadric. They are also singularities of a 3-web in the elliptic part and of
Submanifolds with a non-degenerate parallel normal vector field in euclidean spaces
We consider the class of submanifolds M in an euclidean space IRn which admit a non-degenerate parallel normal vector field v. The image of the associated Gauss map Gv : M -+ sn-l defines an immersed
Umbilical Centroaffine Codimension 2 Immersions and Loewner's type Conjectures
In this paper we consider centroaffine codimension 2 immersions with an equiaffine transversal vector field. We prove that the umbilical centroaffine Blaschke immersions are given by affine
On isolated umbilic points
Counter-examples to the famous conjecture of Caratheodory, as well as the bound on umbilic index proposed by Hamburger, are constructed with respect to Riemannian metrics that are arbitrarily close


A Topological Characterization of a Class of Integral Operators
x = x(t) (2) y = y(t) may be interpreted as the parametric representation of a closed oriented curve in the x-y-plane. Any curve obtained in this way will be said to be 'generated by the kernel
Beweis Einer Caratheodoryschen Vermutung. Teil I
1. Herr Caratheodory hat gelegentlich die Vermutung geaussert, dass eine uberall regulare geschlossene Flache vom Geschlechte Null (mit stetiger Tangentenebene und stetiger Kruimmung) mindestens zwei
Topology from the differentiable viewpoint
Preface1Smooth manifolds and smooth maps1Tangent spaces and derivatives2Regular values7The fundamental theorem of algebra82The theorem of Sard and Brown10Manifolds with boundary12The Brouwer fixed