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A proof of Casselman's comparison theorem for standard minimal parabolic subalgebra

  title={A proof of Casselman's comparison theorem for standard minimal parabolic subalgebra},
  author={Ning Li and Gang Liu and Jun Yu},
Let G be a real linear reductive group and K be a maximal compact subgroup. Let P be a minimal parabolic subgroup of G with complexified Lie algebra p, and n be its nilradical. In this paper we show that: for any admissible finitely generated moderate growth smooth Fréchet representation V of G, the inclusion VK ⊂ V induces isomorphisms Hi(n, VK) ∼= Hi(n, V ) (i ≥ 0), where VK denotes the (g,K) module of K finite vectors in V . This is called Casselman’s comparison theorem ([12]). As a… 


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