A process-oriented group model for university students: a semi-structured approach.

  • Chad V. Johnson
  • Published 2009 in International journal of group psychotherapy


University students present several challenges for group therapists in terms of establishing and sustaining interpersonal process groups in college counseling center settings. These challenges may result from a lack of client preparation and/or a mismatch of therapy practices with the unique developmental characteristics of today's college students. This paper discusses these developmental needs and proposes a model for successful interpersonal group therapy with university students. The proposed model encourages structured activities at the initial and final stages of a process-oriented therapy group to assist leaders and teach the members skills to promote cohesion, skill development, and interpersonal learning. This model may also be used to train novice group counselors how to facilitate here-and-now interactions in group and shape group process.

DOI: 10.1521/ijgp.2009.59.4.511

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