A problem of set-theoretic topology

  title={A problem of set-theoretic topology},
  author={Edwin Shields Hewitt},
  journal={Duke Mathematical Journal},
  • E. Hewitt
  • Published 1943
  • Mathematics
  • Duke Mathematical Journal
We demonstrate that many properties of topological spaces connected with the notion of resolvability are preserved by the relation of similarity between topologies. Moreover, many of them can beExpand
Strong colorings yield -bounded spaces with discretely untouchable points
It is well known that every non-isolated point in a compact Hausdorff space is the accumulation point of a discrete subset. Answering a question raised by Z. Szentmiklossy and the first author, weExpand
Tychonoff expansions with prescribed resolvability properties
Abstract The recent literature offers examples, specific and hand-crafted, of Tychonoff spaces (in ZFC) which respond negatively to these questions, due respectively to Ceder and Pearson (1967) [3]Expand
On thin, very thin, and slim dense sets
The notions of thin and very thin dense subsets of a product space were introduced by the third author, and in this article we also introduce the notion of a slim dense set in a product. We obtain aExpand
Resolvability properties via independent families
Abstract The authors give a consistent affirmative response to a question of Juhasz, Soukup and Szentmiklossy: If GCH fails, there are (many) extraresolvable, not maximally resolvable TychonoffExpand
Abstract. A topological group H is called ω -narrow if for every neighbourhood V of it’s identity element there exists a countable set A such that V A = H = AV. A semigroup G is called a generalizedExpand
On resolvable primal spaces
Abstract A topological space is called resolvable if it is a union of two disjoint dense subsets, and is n-resolvable if it is a union of n mutually disjoint dense subsets. Clearly a resolvable spaceExpand
On resolvability of Lindel\"of generated spaces
In this paper we study the properties of P-generated spaces (by analogy with compactly generated). We prove that a regular Lindel\"of generated space with uncountable dispersion character isExpand
Spaces in which every dense subset is a Gδ
Abstract A topological space X is called a DGδ-space if every subset of X is a Gδ-set in its closure. In this paper we study DGδ-spaces that contains subspaces in which every dense subset is open andExpand
Resolvable Spaces and Compactifications
This paper deals with spaces such that their compactification is a resolvable space. A characterization of space such that its one point compactification (resp. Wallman compactification) is aExpand