A probability-based approach for the analysis of large-scale RNAi screens

  title={A probability-based approach for the analysis of large-scale RNAi screens},
  author={Ronny K{\"o}nig and Chih-Yuan Chiang and Buu P. Tu and S. Frank Yan and Paul D. DeJesus and Ang{\'e}lica Lissette Hern{\'a}ndez Romero and Tobias Bergauer and Anthony Orth and Ute Krueger and Yingyao Zhou and Sumit K. Chanda},
  journal={Nature Methods},
We describe a statistical analysis methodology designed to minimize the impact of off-target activities upon large-scale RNA interference (RNAi) screens in mammalian cells. Application of this approach enhances reconfirmation rates and facilitates the experimental validation of new gene activities through the probability-based identification of multiple distinct and active small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) targeting the same gene. We further extend this approach to establish that the optimal… CONTINUE READING
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