A primer on local anesthetics for plastic surgery.


This article provides some insight into the basic science and concepts relevant to the use of local anesthetics by clinicians in the management of their patients, including a brief history of the development of local anesthetics and their physical properties, effectiveness, uses, limitations, and safety considerations. A generalized overview of the mechanism of action is also provided. The molecular detail of local anesthetics and voltage-gated ion channels can form the basis of understanding of (1) future developments in this area, and (2) toxicity. Most of the peer-reviewed literature related to this topic stems from work in adult humans and animals.

DOI: 10.1016/j.cps.2013.07.002

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@article{Armstrong2013APO, title={A primer on local anesthetics for plastic surgery.}, author={Kevin S. Armstrong}, journal={Clinics in plastic surgery}, year={2013}, volume={40 4}, pages={515-28} }