A primer on Seshadri constants

  title={A primer on Seshadri constants},
  author={Thomas Bauer and Sandra Di Rocco and Brian Harbourne and Michał Kapustka and Andreas Leopold Knutsen and Wioletta Syzdek and Tomasz Szemberg},
  journal={arXiv: Algebraic Geometry},
Seshadri constants express the so called local positivity of a line bundle on a projective variety. They were introduced by Demailly. The original idea of using them towards a proof of the Fujita conjecture failed but they quickly became a subject of intensive study quite in their own right. Lazarsfeld's book "Positivity in Algebraic Geometry" contains a whole chapter devoted to local positivity and serves as a very enjoyable introduction to Seshadri constants. Since this book has appeared, the… 
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In this paper we study Seshadri constants of l-very ample line bundles on blow ups of P on s number of general points with some restrictions on s. We compute the nef cone of P blown up at r ≤ 6
This paper considers the case when the degree of jet separation is small or the core of the associated polygon is a line segment, and calculates the Seshadri constants at the general point on many smooth polarized toric surfaces.


Seshadri constants of quartic surfaces
By Seshadri’s criterion, L is ample if and only if e(L) > 0. Recent interest in Seshadri constants derives on the one hand from their application to adjoint linear systems. In fact, a lower bound on
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Seshadri constants are local invariants, introduced by Demailly, which measure the local positivity of ample line bundles. Recent interest in Seshadri constants stems on the one hand from the fact
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Abstract. The maximal Seshadri number μ(L) of an ample line bundle L on a smooth projective variety X measures the local positivity of the line bundle L at a general point of X. By refining the
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We study Seshadri constants of the canonical bundle on minimal surfaces of general type. First, we prove that if the Seshadri constant ε(KX, x) is between 0 and 1, then it is of the form (m − 1)/m
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The purpose of this paper is to study the Seshadri constants of abelian varieties. Consider a polarized abelian variety (A,L) of dimension g over the field of complex numbers. One can associate to
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In [11] we showed that if the multiple point Seshadri constants of an ample line bundle on a smooth projective surface in very general points satisfy certain inequality then the surface is fibred by
Remarks on Seshadri constants
which is called the Seshadri constant of L at x. Here the infimum is taken over all irreducible curves C passing through x and mx(C) is the multiplicity of C at x. For example, if L is very ample
Extendible Estimates of multipoint Seshadri Constants
A method for verifying when a divisor on a blow up of P 2 at general points is nef is given, useful both theoretically and when doing computer computations.