A pressure-induced nonlayered structure of indium monoselenide

  title={A pressure-induced nonlayered structure of indium monoselenide},
  author={Yousuke Watanabe and Hirotomo Iwasaki and Noritaka Kuroda and Yuichiro Nishina},
Abstract An X-ray diffraction study was made on a new polymorphic phase of InSe obtained by heating a layered crystal of the 3R(γ) polytype under pressures of 40 and 50 kbar and by quenching to ambient conditions. An analysis of the diffraction intensity data collected on precession and Debye photographs gave a monoclinic structure (space group C 1 2 h ) with four molecules in a unit cell. Upon transformation, new, short interatomic distances characteristic of covalent bonding are formed… CONTINUE READING


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