A preliminary report on experienced closed-circuit television users.

  title={A preliminary report on experienced closed-circuit television users.},
  author={Gregory L. Goodrich and L E Apple and Andreas Frost and Andrew Wood and Robert Ward and N C Darling},
  journal={American journal of optometry and physiological optics},
  volume={53 1},
In an attempt to describe the use and usefulness of closed-circuit televisions (C.C.T.V), a preliminary follow-up study of 27 veterans was undertaken by the Western Blind Rehabilitation Center. The veterans had been loaned C.C.T.V.'s by the Veterans Administration and represented a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and pathologies. On the basis of the present data, it is concluded that C.C.T.V. significantly improve the functioning of the majority of users and that this improvement appears to be… CONTINUE READING

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