A prediction method for voltage and lifetime of lead–acid battery by using machine learning

  title={A prediction method for voltage and lifetime of lead–acid battery by using machine learning},
  author={Zhi-Hao Wang and Hendrick and Gwo-Jiun Horng and Hsin-Te Wu and Gwo-Jia Jong},
  journal={Energy Exploration \& Exploitation},
  pages={310 - 329}
Lead–acid battery is the common energy source to support the electric vehicles. During the use of the battery, we need to know when the battery needs to be replaced with the new one. In this research, we proposed a prediction method for voltage and lifetime of lead–acid battery. The prediction models were formed by three kinds mode of four-points consecutive voltage and time index.The first mode was formed by four fixed voltages value during four weeks, namely M1. The second mode was formed by… 
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