A pragmatic and industry-oriented framework for data quality assessment of environmental footprint tools

  title={A pragmatic and industry-oriented framework for data quality assessment of environmental footprint tools},
  author={Ramy Salemdeeb and Ruth M Saint and William Clark and Michael Lenaghan and Kimberley Pratt and Fraser Millar},
  journal={Resources, Environment and Sustainability},
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A Review on Life Cycle Assessment of the Olive Oil Production

Olive oil is one of the most globally recognized high-value products, with 4 million hectares cultivated in the Mediterranean area. The production process involves many stages: farming, extraction,

Ecological footprint analysis of the phosphorus industry in China

Mitigating the effects of environmental deterioration requires a focus on not just CO2 emissions from energy consumption, but also environmental pollution from industry sectors. To reach this goal,

Environmental Impact Assessment of Sustainable Pig Farm via Management of Nutrient and Co-Product Flows in the Farm

This study evaluates the environmental impact assessment of sustainable pig farm via management of nutrient and co-product flows in the farm. Manure management and biogas production are among the

Regionalized life cycle assessment of present and future lithium production for Li-ion batteries

Phosphorus flow analysis in maize cultivation: a case study in Thailand

Phosphorus (P) is an essential element for plant cultivation, where the demand for agricultural products as food and feed are the main drivers of aggravated agricultural production systems. Maize is

Model of Diagnosing and Searching for Incompatibilities in Aluminium Castings

The proposed model is a new and universal method that can be implied in any foundry company in order to ensure the stability of the production processes and contributes to an increase in the detection speed and enables the reduction of non-conformities in aluminium castings, thus increasing the quality level of the offered products.



Evaluating the life cycle climate impacts of solid waste management

This thesis comprises three papers that address the evaluation of potential climate impacts of solid waste management (SWM) systems and processes from a life cycle perspective for purpose of

Data representativeness in LCA: A framework for the systematic assessment of data quality relative to technology characteristics

A shortcoming in current data quality assessment schemes is that the data quality information is not used systematically to identify the critical data in a life cycle inventory (LCI) model. In

Application of data quality assessment methods to an LCA of electricity generation

Both qualitative and quantitative methods were found to provide useful information about the uncertainty of calculated impact scores for the case study, and it is recommended that LCA results should include separate numerical and qualitative uncertainty assessments.

Global effect of urban sprawl, industrialization, trade and economic development on carbon dioxide emissions

Significant progress has been made towards mitigating climate change and its impacts across countries. However, the transboundary effect of CO2 emissions means that excluding the actions and

Methodologies for data quality assessment and improvement

Methodologies are compared along several dimensions, including the methodological phases and steps, the strategies and techniques, the data quality dimensions, the types of data, and, finally, thetypes of information systems addressed by each methodology.