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A practical study of argument / Trudy Govier

  title={A practical study of argument / Trudy Govier},
  author={Trudy Govier},
A Practical Study of Argument Trudy Govier 9781439035764 April 19th, 2011 A PRACTICAL STUDY OF ARGUMENT International Edition gives you the tools you need to understand informal logic and formulate a good argument By focusing on real world examples and including helpful study tools such as exercises with answers a glossary of common fallacies chapter summaries and a book specific website A PRACTICAL STUDY OF ARGUMENT International Edition provides you with 

Common Ground, Argument Form and Analogical Reductio ad Absurdum

Most arguments can be presented in different forms, e.g. with explicit data or with an explicit inference license and, in the latter case, with a modus ponensor a modus tollens-inference license. It

The Study of Metaphor in Argumentation Theory

This paper offers a review of the argumentation-theoretical literature on metaphor in argumentative discourse. Two methodologies are combined: the pragma-dialectical theory is used to study the


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