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A pr 2 01 1 UCB-PTH-11 / 02 Physical Theories , Eternal Inflation , and Quantum Universe

  title={A pr 2 01 1 UCB-PTH-11 / 02 Physical Theories , Eternal Inflation , and Quantum Universe},
  author={Yasunori Nomura},
Infinities in eternal inflation have long been plaguing cosmology, making any predictions highly sensitive to how they are regulated. The problem exists already at the level of semiclassical general relativity, and has a priori nothing to do with quantum gravity. On the other hand, we know that certain problems in semi-classical gravity, for example physics of black holes and their evaporation, have led to understanding of surprising, quantum natures of spacetime and gravity, such as the… 
Prepared for submission to JCAP Watchers of the multiverse
This work considers a measure based on a probe geodesic which undergoes an infinite number of passages through crunches, which can be thought of as the world-line of an eternal “watcher”, collecting data in an orderly fashion.
Watchers of the multiverse
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Global structure of the multiverse and the measure problem
An unresolved question in inflationary cosmology is the assignment of probabilities to different types of events that can occur in the eternally inflating multiverse. We explore the possibility that
A Local Wheeler-DeWitt Measure for the String Landscape
According to the ‘Cosmological Central Dogma’, de Sitter space can be viewed as a quantum mechanical system with a finite number of degrees of freedom, set by the horizon area. We use this assumption
Search optimization, funnel topography, and dynamical criticality on the string landscape
A striking feature of our universe is its near criticality. The cosmological constant and weak hierarchy problems, as well as the metastability of the electroweak vacuum, can all be understood as
Toward a Holographic Theory for General Spacetimes
Author(s): Nomura, Y; Salzetta, N; Sanches, F; Weinberg, SJ | Abstract: © 2017 American Physical Society. We study a holographic theory of general spacetimes that does not rely on the existence of
Bayesian Reasoning in Eternal Inflation: A Solution to the Measure Problem
Probabilities in eternal inflation are traditionally defined as limiting frequency distributions, but a unique and unambiguous probability measure remains elusive. In this paper, we present a different
Islands in closed and open universes
We show that spatial curvature has a significant effect on the existence of entanglement islands in cosmology. We consider a homogeneous, isotropic universe with thermal radiation purified by a
How Generic Is Eternal Inflation?
Everlasting inflation has far-reaching implications for cosmology and the standing of self-localizing inferences made by observers, which have been subjects of renewed interest in light of the
Possible Observational Evidence for the Existence of a Parallel Universe
Many totally different kinds of astrophysical observations demonstrated that, in our universe, there exists a preferred direction. Specifically, from observations in a wide range of frequencies, the


An Introduction to Black Holes, Information And The String Theory Revolution: The Holographic Universe
Over the last decade the physics of black holes has been revolutionized by developments that grew out of Jacob Bekenstein's realization that black holes have entropy. Stephen Hawking raised profound
The Anthropic Cosmological Principle
Is there any connection between the vastness of the universes of stars and galaxies and the existence of life on a small planet out in the suburbs of the Milky Way? This book shows that there is. In
Decoherence and the Quantum-To-Classical Transition
Introducing Decoherence.- The Basic Formalism and Interpretation of Decoherence.- Decoherence Is Everywhere: Localization Due to Environmental Scattering.- Master-Equation Formulations of
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