A potential role of R-cadherin in striated muscle formation.

  title={A potential role of R-cadherin in striated muscle formation.},
  author={Paul R Rosenberg and Farzad Esni and Anna Sj{\"o}din and Lionel Larue and Leif Carlsson and Donald Gullberg and Masatoshi Takeichi and Rolf Kemler and Henrik Semb},
  journal={Developmental biology},
  volume={187 1},
We have examined the murine embryonic expression pattern of the cell adhesion molecule R-cadherin in muscle, kidney, thymus, and lung. In developing muscle, R-cadherin was first seen at 10.5-11.5 days postcoitum in the somitic myotome. Consistently, we found R-cadherin expressed at the highest levels in the myotome, early skeletal muscle, and smooth muscle (both vascular and visceral), while very low levels of R-cadherin were detected in the heart. The expression pattern and subcellular… CONTINUE READING